Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology
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Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Joining the Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology can offer numerous benefits for scholars, researchers, and institutions interested in advancing science and technology in Central Asia, Caucasus, and beyond.
Some of the benefits of joining the Consortium include the following:
Funding opportunities

The Consortium supports leading researchers and young scholars by providing funding opportunities and research grants. Members of the consortium can apply for these resources to support their innovative and influential research projects.
Academic mobility

The Consortium aims to enhance academic mobility in Central Asia and beyond by supporting exchange programs, conferences, and other initiatives that promote knowledge and idea exchange between scholars and institutions. Members of the consortium can take advantage of these opportunities to broaden their academic horizons and gain new perspectives on their research.
International events

The Consortium organizes international events such as conferences and seminars that bring together scholars and practitioners from different regions and fields. These events provide opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration on cutting-edge research projects.
Interdisciplinary research

As a network that covers all key fields of science and technology, the AST Consortium encourages interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Joining the Consortium can help scholars and institutions access resources and expertise from different fields, leading to innovative and impactful research outcomes.
Building networks

Joining the Consortium can help scholars and practitioners build networks with peers in various fields of science and technology. This can facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration on interdisciplinary projects, and access to new opportunities for research and development.
Participation in technology transfer

The AST consortium aims to promote collaboration and innovation among its members, and technology transfer is a key component of this mission. Participation in the Consortium will help accelerate the process of technology transfer in domestic and foreign markets.
Consortium members
The Consortium unites universities and research institutions to expand academic exchange, scientific communication, and provide finest networking opportunities towards academic excellence and new research insights.
The Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology is dedicated to promoting scientific research and technological advancements, with a focus on fostering collaboration and innovation among researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts in various fields.
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