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The Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology is focused in developing scientific contacts and creating great networking opportunities for scholars and practitioners from Central Asia and Caucasus in the region and with the rest of the world.
    Grants and Fellowships for Researchers
    The AST Consortium offer a range of funding opportunities for scholars and scientists to advance their research, build academic networks, and communicate their findings to the wider public
    AST Fellowship in Science and Technology
    AST Consortium's Research Grants Program
    The AST Consortium fellowship program aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, creating a community of scholars and experts who can work together to solve some of the world's most pressing problems.
    Our goal is to support research that leads to innovative solutions to the challenges facing society today, while also contributing to the broader advancement of knowledge in these areas.
    AST Consortium's Academic Mobility Program
    Our program is committed to expanding academic collaboration, communication, and creating opportunities for scholars to share their research and ideas with others.
    AST Consortium's Grants Program for Developing Scientific Networks and Academic Collaboration
    Our program supports a range of collaborative activities, including joint research projects, workshops, conferences, and other activities that promote academic exchange and collaboration.
    The mission of the Consortium is to promote the advancement of science and technology through interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange, and capacity building.
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    The Consortium organizers the whole array of events in Central Asia, Middle East, and South-Eastern Asia to support scholars and scientists in scientific communication.
    Economics and Finance
    Innovation and Development
    Agriculture and Food Science
    Computer Science
    Chemical Science
    Materials Science
    Biology and Medicine
    Education and Learning
    Energy Science
    Earth Science
    Physics and Mathematics
    Sustainability Research
    Environmental Science
    Transportation and Logistics
    Arts and Humanities
    Forums, conferences, seminars, and workshops are organized and supported by the AST Consortium to boost scientific communication and academic mobility among scholars and practitioners from different regions of the world.
    The Consortium organizes and supports events in the following fields:
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