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    News and Events: AST Consortium in the World

    Dr. Steve Evett of the United States Department of Agriculture to Give a Talk at the Agriculture and Biotechnology Conference in Samarkand

    Dr. Steven R. Evett is a prominent figure in the field of soil and water management research. As a research soil scientist, he has made significant contributions to the scientific community through his extensive work in understanding and improving agricultural practices related to feed nutrient management, gas emissions reduction, and soil health promotion in beef and dairy cattle production systems of the Southern Great Plains. His expertise lies in dryland and irrigated crop management under limited water availability and drought conditions. Dr. Steven R. Evett will address the participants of the International Annual Conference on Agriculture and Biotechnology. The IACAB 2023 conference will take place at the Samarkand State University on October 17-18, 2023.
    Working at the Conservation and Production Research Laboratory of the United States Department of Agriculture in Bushland, Texas, Dr. Evett has dedicated his career to investigating innovative strategies that optimize crop growth and water usage while maintaining soil health and minimizing environmental impacts. With over 30 years of experience, his research has focused on crucial aspects such as evapotranspiration (ET), energy and water balance, weather patterns, and crop yield data. Through his studies, he has gathered valuable insights into the complex dynamics of water and energy exchanges in semi-arid continental climates.

    One of Dr. Evett's notable achievements includes the development of a benchmark evapotranspiration dataset, which has become instrumental in evaluating remote sensing models across the Contiguous United States (CONUS). This dataset, comprising daily and monthly post-processed data, provides researchers and stakeholders with a valuable resource for understanding the intricate relationships between climate, crop growth, and water consumption.

    Additionally, Dr. Evett has contributed to the scientific literature through numerous publications and presentations. His work covers a wide range of topics, including the comparison of weighing lysimeter evapotranspiration with energy balance models, forecasting crop water stress indicators using machine learning algorithms, and characterizing evaporative losses from sprinkler irrigation systems. These publications reflect his dedication to advancing knowledge and disseminating research findings to benefit the scientific community and agricultural practitioners.
    Furthermore, Dr. Evett has played a significant role in creating comprehensive databases and datasets that serve as important references for researchers and analysts. The Bushland, Texas datasets he has compiled, encompassing soybean, sunflower, winter wheat, maize for grain, alfalfa, and other crops, have become valuable resources for understanding crop growth, yield, evapotranspiration, and weather patterns in the region. By sharing these datasets through the Ag Data Commons, he has fostered collaboration and facilitated further research in the field.

    Dr. Evett's work extends beyond academia and into practical applications. His research findings and recommendations have influenced agricultural practices, enabling farmers and ranchers to make informed decisions regarding irrigation, crop management, and water conservation. By developing a synergy between water conservation and economic profitability in cotton production systems, he has provided valuable guidance to cotton farmers in the water-stressed region of the Texas High Plains.

    In recognition of his contributions, Dr. Evett has received accolades and honors throughout his career. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and he has actively participated in national and international conferences, sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow researchers and practitioners.
    As a researcher, Dr. Steven R. Evett has demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing soil and water management practices. Through his extensive research, he has improved our understanding of key factors affecting crop growth and water usage, paving the way for more sustainable agricultural practices. His work continues to inspire future generations of researchers and contributes to the development of innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by the agricultural community. The AST Consortium is proud to have Dr. Steven R. Evett as a keynote speaker at the upcoming conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.