The Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology
The Consortium supports researchers, enhances academic mobility, and organizes international events to expand academic exchange and create engaging spaces for networking and collaboration
The Consortium for the Advancement of Science and Technology is a network of universities, research institutions, and individual researchers based in Sharjah, UAE with representatives in many countries. The Consortium aims to advance science and technology in the Middle East, Northern Africa, East and Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and beyond by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among scholars and practitioners worldwide. The Consortium's work is crucial for the advancement of science and technology in the macro region.

The Consortium's efforts to build networks and support researchers can help to break down disciplinary silos and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Furthermore, the focus on enhancing academic mobility creates a vibrant and dynamic research community in the region. Overall, the Consortium's mission, goals, and aspirations represent an important contribution to the advancement of science and technology globally.

The AST Consortium is the distinguished resident of the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park with local offices and representatives in numerous countries across the macro region. In short, the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) is an institution located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Established in 2016, SRTIP is focused on promoting research, technology, and innovation in various fields, including healthcare, energy, environment, and technology. The institution aims to create a collaborative platform for academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies to work together in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
About the AST Consortium
    Consortium key areas & networks
    The Consortium focuses on a number of emerging fields and areas, uniting research institutions, scholars, and practitioners from Europe and Asia to share knowledge, insights, and bright ideas.
    Frontiers in Physics and Mathematics
    Frontiers in Computer Science
    AST Computer Science Network
    Frontiers in Engineering
    AST Engineering Network
    Frontiers in Chemical Science
    AST Chemistry Network
    Frontiers in Materials Science
    AST Materials Network
    Frontiers in Energy Science
    AST Energy Network
    Frontiers in Earth Science
    AST Earth Science Network
    Frontiers in Environmental Science
    AST Environmental Science Network
    Frontiers in Agricultural Science
    AST Agricultural Science Network
    Frontiers in Food Science
    AST Food Science Network
    Frontiers in Biological Sciences
    AST Biology Network
    Frontiers in Medical Science
    AST Medical Science Network
    Frontiers in Biotechnology
    AST Biotechnology Network
    Frontiers in Sustainability Science
    AST Sustainability Network
    Frontiers in Economics & Finance
    AST Economics & Finance Network
    Frontiers in Business & Management
    AST Business & Management Network
    Frontiers in Education & Learning
    Frontiers in Logistics & Transportation
    AST Logistics and Transportation Network
    Frontiers in Social Sciences
    AST Social Sciences Network
    Frontiers in Arts & Humanities
    AST Arts and Humanities Network
    AST Physics Network
    AST Education Network
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